You’ll see yourself destroying Freeza, even though everyone else won’t be able to see a thing.

With the advent and popularity of virtual reality, it was only a matter of time before our “make believe” games became a little more real thanks to some tech.

And now we finally have a chance to put ourselves into the famous world created by Akira Toriyama, because who hasn’t seen an episode of Dragon Ball Z and tried to throw their own kamehameha? Now you can, and all it will cost you is a neat set of goggles, a compatible phone, and perhaps a tiny bit of your dignity.

▼ But as you can see in this demo video,
it’s totally worth it.

This BotsNew Characters line allows you to access the VR world of Dragon Ball Z in style with a Capsule Corp. branded headset, hand sensors, and floor mat.

With a phone and the accompanying app, you can command a kamehameha right in your own home.

You’ll also be able to analyze your friends (or your children) for their power level and fly around in the virtual environment.

You’ll be able to train hard, live out your dreams, and maybe even become as strong as Goku. Just remember, only you can see what is on your screen, so if you aren’t careful, you might get plenty of looks like this.

The ability to confuse your housemates and kamehameha away all the dastardly villains in your home (i.e. plants and tables) can be yours at the end of June for 12,000 yen (US$110). You can keep up with new information at BotsNews’s website.

Until then, we’ll start training in the hyperbolic time chamber with our Dragon Ball Z swag on to make sure our power level is over 9,000 at this toys release date.

Source, images: YouTube/MegahouseJP