Sequel to custom-made shirt line adds new options for men, women, and kids.

After the launch of the original Pokémon Red and Blue video games in 1996, fans had to wait three years for the sequel, Pokémon Gold and Silver. The second generation of Pokémon dress shirts, though, has come much more quickly.

Following the launch last year of fashion label Original Stitch’s 151 Kanto Pocket Monster designs, the 100 Johto Region Pokémon have been added to the Pokémon Shirts lineup.

As with the Kanto designs, the Johto Pokémon Shirts are all made to order, allowing you to customize your shirt’s cut and design, with multiple options for the collar, cuffs, sleeve length, and, fittingly, the pocket. You can select different cloth patterns for the shirt’s body, collar, collar underside, cuffs, cuff undersides, and pocket, freely mixing and matching Johto and Kanto species, as well as solid color fields in whatever combination you’d like.

With 100 new designs to work with, there are enough possibilities to fill anyone’s closet several times over, but here are some of the highlights of the Johto batch.

▼ Second-gen starter option Cyndaquil

▼ Baby Pikachu Pichu

Marill, whose shirt also features Slowpoke and Alolan Exeggutor

▼ Eevee evolution Espeon

▼ Teddiursa

Certain species even shift art styles as they evolve, like how Larvitar goes from a storybook aesthetic to something much more abstract for Tyranitar,

Men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes are all available.

The entire lineup of Johto designs can be seen on Unique Stitch’s website, and if you’re ready to start designing your very own Pokémon shirt, you can do that here.

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