Show your love for Pokémon in style and comfort!

Pokémon Shirts, a brand of customizable shirts by Original Japan, have just released some new options for spring and summer. Firstly, they’ve released 20 new Pokémon silhouette embroidery designs, all from Gen 1.

▼ Among the designs are Vulpix, Jigglypuff, Cubone, Porygon, and even the three Legendary Birds.

With these new designs, there are now 45 embroidery designs available, all from Gen 1.

Another update is that the embroidery designs are now available in white as well as black! This means you can can add a brighter yet ultra-subtle touch to your Pokémon Shirt.

▼ Here’s an example of a black style that was previously available (Pikachu).

▼ And here’s what the new white embroidery style looks like (Vulpix).

Pokémon Shirts have also got you covered fabric-wise–no pun intended. They’ve added two new fabric types to their shirts lineup in five fun colors.

▼ First up is the linen-like fabric, which is absorbent and quick-drying.

Unlike natural linen, this linen-like fabric doesn’t wrinkle as easily, and it also has a bit of stretch. You can get linen-like shirts in Navy, Sand Beige, and Emerald Green.

▼ Secondly, there’s now a dungaree fabric available, which is like a thinner version of denim.

This fabric won’t bleed like denim since it’s not dyed with indigo, and it’s light enough to layer even when the weather gets warmer. You can get dungaree shirts in Salmon Pink and Saxe Blue.

Each shirt starts at 11,000 yen (US$80.49), with the price increasing with customization options, and they’re also available in kids’ sizes from 9,350 yen. Orders can be placed through the Pokémon Shirts online store here, so now’s the time to get ready for spring and summer in style with your favorite Pokémon!

Source and images: PR Times
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