The contemporary artist’s unique concept of “fictional archaeology” paves the way for these new illustrations of Pokémon monuments lost to time.

Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo is well-known for its ever-expanding line of collaborations with prominent artists, designers, and pop culture franchises from around the world. Daniel Arsham, an American contemporary artist based in New York City, is the latest name to team up with the retailer and offer a fresh take on the beloved world of Pokémon for a new lineup that went on sale on April 24.

First, watch this short promotional clip in which Pikachu makes a startling discovery:

What’s going on here?! Pikachu is perplexed to have stumbled upon a large, crumbling statue of itself complete with crystals growing out of it. Has time itself frozen over?

As a matter of fact, Arsham’s collection explores the concept of “fictional archaeology” visualized well into the future. According to Uniqlo, his designs are further dubbed “Relics of Kanto through Time ~ The World of Pokémon Red and Green Discovered in 3020 CE,” and feature illustrations which transcend our notions of time called the past, present, and future. Uniqlo is also touting it as the first time the Pokémon franchise has collaborated with a contemporary artist and that an exhibition is in the works as well.

The Daniel Arsham x Pokémon graphic T-shirts come in a total of seven different designs as detailed below.

The men’s designs feature five patterns including a few of Pokémon’s oldest and most popular characters set in stone.

▼ A 3-D take on our favorite electric mouse looking ready to spring to life at any moment

▼ Ash/Satoshi and his buddy Pikachu eternally ready to do battle

▼ English Pokémon logo looking like it needs a bit of polishing

▼ An old-fashioned Pokédex relic forever displaying an entry for Squirtle

▼ Mewtwo, whose connection to Mew and archaeology in the Pokémon movies makes it a fitting subject for this collaboration

The women’s designs feature two additional patterns of the most adorable Pokémon in Generation I.

▼ Another take on a chipped Pikachu

▼ Jigglypuff stayed at the karaoke parlor too long and unfortunately crystallized.


The children’s versions recycle three of the designs found above in smaller sizes.

All men’s and women’s T-shirts retail for 1,500 yen (US$14) each and children’s for 990 yen. While most Uniqlo stores worldwide are closed at the moment due to the pandemic, the online store remains open and ready for your order–which we recommend doing before even more Pokémon are turned to stone.

Source: Uniqlo Press Release
Images: Uniqlo
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