Tokyo jeweler creates high-end pieces for big-time Pokémon lovers.

If you’re an anime fan whose passions flare up when talking about the early to mid-‘90s, and who’s also looking to tie the knot, there’s a lot to be excited about these days, what with those gorgeous Sailor Moon wedding dresses and marriage registration forms that were just revealed. But just a few short months after the final Sailor Moon TV episode aired, another worldwide anime smash hit premiered with Pokémon, and now fans of that series are also getting a way to start married life with a nod to their favorite franchise.

Tokyo-based jeweler Ginza Tanaka has just unveiled its latest engagement ring design, which it’s calling the Pikachu Face Engagement Ring, though arguably “Pikachu Ears” would have been be the more accurate name, since the most unique features are the the Pokémon mascot’s ears sticking up from the ring, with a diamond set beneath them.

Two material options are available: 18-karat gold and 950 platinum. While the gold version is more eye-catching, the platinum ring is arguably the truer to Pokémon’s video game roots, since the first games were for the monochrome Game Boy.

Of course, an engagement ring naturally leads to another finger accessory, and once again Ginza Tanaka is happy to help with men’s and women’s Pikachu wedding rings.

Available only in 18-karat gold, the Pikachu motif is subtler here, with an engraving on the ring’s outer surface,

▼ The women’s ring features an inset diamond, while the men’s is unadorned.

All of the rings can be inscribed with a message of love (plus a running Pikachu silhouette) and come in Poké Ball-shaped cases.

And finally, if you’re looking for something similarly themed to put your nicest wedding photo in, there’s also a personalized frame with bride and groom Pikachus.

What with Ginza Tanaka being a high-end jeweler, not a toymaker or cosplay prop manufacturer, prices are in line for what you’d pay for brand-name bridal pieces: 346,500 yen (US$3,240) for the engagement ring (regardless of material), 121,000 yen for the women’s wedding ring, and 115,500 yen for the men’s (the photo frame, meanwhile, made by a different company, will set you back 13,200 yen). All items can be purchased online here through the Pokémon Center Online site, with the made-to-order rings taking roughly two months until delivery. Oh, and if they’re not quite what you’re looking for, don’t forget that Ginza Tanaka has a Pikachu tail engagement ring too.

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