Multiple styles available so you can get the tentacle that’s just right for you.

Japanese novelty goods retailer Village Vanguard is always a great source of creative fun. You want a coaster that’s a reproduction of one of Japan’s Pokémon manhole covers, or maybe a pack of Attack on Titan curry? Village Vanguard is the place to go.

Of course, the line between “quirky fun” and “straight-up weird” is sometimes a blurry one, and especially so with Village Vanguard’s newest offering: Realistic Plushie Octopus Tentacles.

But this isn’t just a plushie, it’s a glove too, with an opening to stick your hand in.

Designed by Kanagawa Prefecture-based stuffed animal maker A-Show (which also makes giant isopod stuffed animals), the Realistic Plushie Octopus Tentacle comes in a variety of forms. The deluxe model, pictured on the left below, is the Curled type, which Village Vanguard says has a length of approximately 56 centimeters (22 inches).

Alternatively, if you prefer your plushies to be twisted only in the figurative sense, there’s the Extended type (seen on the right above), which is actually slightly longer at 66 centimeters.

Of course, many of us, from a young age, struggle with making the decision between a straight and curled tentacle plushie, and for those unable to solve their personal quandary, the obvious solution is to buy both and wear one on each hand.

Now, aside from looking awesome and/or crazy, how are you supposed to use these? That’s not entirely clear, although Village Vanguard offers one suggestion: using them as “nap pillows” for anyone looking to lay their head down on their hands while sitting at their work or study desk in order to catch a few mid-day Zs.

If that still doesn’t satisfy your need for practicality, you might be better off with the key chain models, which once again come in Curled and Extended versions.

However, be aware that these still have openings at their bases, and the urge to stick them on your fingers to freak out everyone else in the room will be strong, and quite likely irresistible.

Both key chains are priced at 1,320 yen (US$12.30), while the Extended plushie is 6,380 yen and the Curved 8,800 yen. All can be ordered here through the Village Vanguard online shop, with shipping projected for mid-August, though if you’re also looking for tentacle capsule toys, you’ll have to source those elsewhere.

Source, images: PR Times
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