Mixing traditional Japanese design with modern cuteness!

Remaining popular for almost fifty years now, Sanrio sweetheart Hello Kitty is no stranger to travel collaborations. From special Hello Kitty themed bullet trains to dash-cams for your car; if you’re travelling, there’s sure to be a way to make it Kitty-themed. And now, there’s a place for you to rest when you’re done with all your travelling, too. The Asakusa Tobu Hotel in Tokyo are planning to create two special Hello Kitty themed rooms when the hotel opens in October this year.

Asakusa is a district of Tokyo that is rich in historical Japanese culture, and walking around the streets can make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. The Asakusa Tobu Hotel rooms aim to mix Asakusa’s traditional style with Hello Kitty’s modern charm.

The first room is called ‘Sakura Heavenly Maiden‘ and features a celestial looking Hello Kitty adorned on the walls of the room as, well, a heavenly maiden. As you’d expect from anything Hello Kitty, the walls are a pastel pink colour with sakura petals dotted across the ceiling. There’s even a rest area with tables and chairs, Japanese style.

▼ The Sakura Heavenly Maiden room

The second room is called ‘Modern Japanese‘ and is a mix of flower and checker motifs with a fashionable looking Hello Kitty, who is wearing a kimono. The room design is inspired by Asakusa’s traditional vibe, but keeps it modern with the vibrant colours and stylish Kitty.

▼ The Modern Japanese room

While the themed rooms are sure to please Kitty fans, the location of the hotel is great news for any would-be guest, fan or not. Asakusa is home to fantastic sightseeing spots, such as the famous Sensoji temple as well as hidden gems like the oldest tempura restaurant in Japan. While the hotel doesn’t officially open to the public until October 8, reservations for the Hello Kitty room will begin from August 24th. Both rooms have space for four guests, so grab a few friends and get booking!

For the full Hello Kitty experience, follow up your stay at the hotel with a trip to the Hello Kitty hot springs. Or if Hello Kitty is just too cute for you, maybe this horror themed hotel is more up your alley!

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Source, images: PR Times
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