Unforgettable cuteness to go with your reminders.

We’re not about to volunteer to start writing this entire website by hand, so we’ll be the last people on earth to complain about the convenience of digitally written communication. Still, there’s no denying that there’s a special quality that comes from putting pen or pencil to paper, whether you’re writing a message to someone special or just a reminder for yourself.

But while that alluring yet intangible quality of using physical writing media is hard to pin down, you can give the process an immediately identifiable source of joy with notepads of cats napping in futons.

The latest offering from Japanese lifestyle brand Felissimo’s feline-themed Nekobu line, the Wafuton de Suyaa Neko (“Cats Sleeping Soundly in Japanese Futons) memo pad series has six designs, including snoozing tabbies and slumbering tortoiseshells.

The binding is actually at the bottom, as you peel back the futon’s top cover when you’ve got something you want to jot down. Doing so reveals the whole kitty, and also their favorite toys they like to sleep with.

The complete cast consists of seven cats, since two are sharing a futon as they snuggle.

And if you want to make sure the cats are tucked in nice and tight, their paws double as hooks to keep the notepad’s cover closed when not in use.

As with a lot of Felissimo’s Nekobu items, you don’t choose which design you want directly. Instead, the cat futon notepads are offered like a subscription service, where you’re shipped a different notepad each month.

However, also par for the Nekobu course is the fact that all the designs are cute, with no duds in the mix, plus the company’s donation of a portion of each purchase to a cat welfare program.

The cat futon notepads are priced at 710 yen (US$6.70) each and can be ordered online directly from Felissimo here.

Source: Felissimo via Japaaan
Images: Felissimo
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