New goodies also on the horizon with the debut of this insider look in Pokémon Shirts’ operations.

Since their creation in 2019, Pokémon Shirts by Japanese custom dress shirt designer Original Stitch has significantly grown. Fans of the franchise can now choose from over 200 unique designs featuring Pokémon from the Kanto and Johto regions, and the brand has also expanded their shirt options to include embroidered polos and kid’s wear.

For the hardcore fans, or individuals who simply love behind-the-scenes content, Original Stitch has released a new three-part video documentary showcasing the important steps in creating these whimsical dress shirts. These three videos cover the following parts of the process: design, print, and manufacturing. 

▼ All three video documentaries have been compiled into one comprehensive video showing the highlights

These video documentaries are definitely a special treat as viewers can meet some of the important figures behind getting Pokémon Shirts from the drawing board to the sewing machine.

▼ We get a close up of designers working hard at figuring out what colors fit best for every print…

▼ … factory technicians ensuring prints are transferred cleanly to cloth ..

▼ … and tailors who carefully construct custom-ordered dress shirts.

Last but not least, the video ends at a quick snapshot of the finished products in the Tokyo Pokémon Shirts store, which currently features over 150 designs and where patrons can order a custom-made dress shirt. Whether you want a specific print to cover the whole shirt, only the body, or even only the collar, the possibilities are endless.

Along with releasing this new three-part documentary, Original Stitch will also be offering a present to those who purchase a shirt from September 25. In a move towards sustainability, the present from Original Stitch will consist of acrylic keychains made with scrap cloth from the factory. The keychains will be created by Japanese up-cycling brand, Newsed, and up to 2,000 keychains will be available.

▼ Regardless if you buy a men’s, women’s, or kid’s shirt, as long as you’re among the first 2,000 buyers, you will receive this special, limited-edition keychain.

However, folks who may have missed out on the present won’t have to heave a sigh in disappoint. Newsed also plans to launch a range of official Pokémon Shirts-related keychains. Similar to the limited edition keychain, the official keychains will use scrap cloth from the factory. The main difference, however, is in the outline. Official keychains will be manufactured in the shape of the Pokémon featured in the scrap cloth design. As of now, the keychain designs will undergo a staggered release and only prints of the first 151 Pokémon will be used.

▼ Pokémon Shirts also released a video revealing the manufacturing process behind these cute acrylic charms.

The first round of official keychains will be available from October 16 via stores selling Newsed goods. A list of such stores in Japan can be found here. And while the acrylic keychains don’t seem to be available for overseas folks for the time being, if you’re in the United States or Europe, you can at least order a Pokémon Shirts design tailored to your liking!

Source, images: YouTube/Original Stitch via PR Times
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