Fast food chain brings out a bread so buttery it doesn’t need butter.

Last month, Mos Burger surprised us all by announcing it was going beyond burgers to bring us all a very unexpected product: sliced bread.

Only available on the second and fourth Fridays of each month, via prior reservations a week beforehand, we were quick to get our reservation in as soon as they opened to the public. So when release day arrived on 12 March, we dropped by Mos Burger to pick up a pack of the new bread for our team to try back in the office.

According to the official website, the new Mos Burger bread is made with butter, eggs, wheat and cream, resulting in a product that’s said to be so rich and buttery it can be eaten as it is, without any topping.  

▼ The bread contains four super-thick slices and is priced at 600 yen (US$5.50).

It’s a bold claim to say your bread is so good it doesn’t need butter, so we decided to put it to the test with four of our most ardent bread-and-butter-loving Japanese-language reporters.

▼ Left to right: Ahiruneko, P.K. Sanjun, Ikuna Kamezawa, Takashi Harada

▼ 3…2…1…itadakimasu!

▼ So how was it, Ahiruneko? “Hmmm…I don’t think it needs butter.”

▼ Ikuna? “I don’t think it needs butter….”

▼ What about you, Takashi? “I don’t think it needs butter.”

▼ And P.K.? “I don’t think it needs butter!”

It’s hard to get our reporters to agree on anything, so this consensus on the buttery bread was a surprise to everyone in the office. In fact, the butter was so strong in flavour, our reporters felt it was even more intense than regular buttered bread, and the soft texture helped to disperse the rich flavours throughout the palate.

Another surprise was the fact that the bread had no sweetness to it as it doesn’t contain sugar or honey like a lot of other high-end bread shops in Japan. It was an excellent-quality slice that would be difficult to pick out in a blind tasting as belonging to a fast food chain better known for its rice burgers, lettuce burgers, and tomato burgers.

Mos Burger ought to now take the next step and use the bread in actual sandwiches on the menu. Because we could really go for a buttery Mac and Cheese sandwich right about now!

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