Studio Ghibli releases a Catbus clock in Japan with loads of cute details

This cat’s moving parts will mesmerise you.

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Japanese kid turns dad’s retro game collection into awesome Dragon Quest clock【Photos】

Because no matter what time it is, it’s always time for Dragon Quest, right?

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New Studio Ghibli clock pays homage to anime soot sprites at the museum

Beautiful timepiece comes with an equally beautiful backstory. 

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Embroidered Laputa: Castle in the Sky clock catches the attention of Studio Ghibli

Anime fan’s year-long embroidery project gets a magical ending.

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Cloud’s Buster Sword is becoming an awesome real-world clock for Final Fantasy fans

Hey, Buster, tell me what time it is!

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Japanese Twitter’s latest feline celebrity proves that cats will literally attack anything

Not even time itself is safe when you have a cat in your house.

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New Studio Ghibli clocks let you keep an eye on the time with your favourite anime characters

Movies like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbour Totoro feature in the exclusive new collection.

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Japanese cat and dog clocks with swishing tails make clock-watching more adorable than ever

Honestly, I’ve never really seen the point in hanging a clock on the wall in your home. Between the time displays on my PC, phone, TV, DVD player, PlayStation, and microwave, I’ve got plenty of ways to tell the current hour and minute without a dedicated timepiece taking up space where I could hang other things, like the California license plate in my living room that simultaneously makes me miss my home state and driving whenever I look at it.

I’m just not convinced that having a wall clock makes your home that much more convenient. However, it can make it a lot cuter, if it’s one of these adorable Japanese dog or cat-shaped clocks with an amazingly lifelike wagging tail.

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Turn your old PlayStation console into a light-up clock 【How-to】

If you’ve been a PlayStation fan from the very beginning, chances are you still have an original console collecting dust somewhere in the house. Sure, it’s outdated now, but who wants to throw all those fond gaming memories away?

Now there’s a creative solution that will let you get some use out of your old grey console and give you an excuse to look at it regularly throughout the day. It’s time to feast your eyes on the PlayStation clock. Unavailable in stores, but easy to make in your very own home!

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