You can’t say it’s gross if you’ve never tried it!

Cats vs. dogs. Hots dogs vs. hamburgers. Love dolls vs. drowned corpses. The list of opinion-battles that humans have pitted against one another for centuries goes on and on.

But none is more hotly contested than one debate: pineapple on pizza vs. oh hell no.

One of our Japanese reporters, Saya Togashi, didn’t know where she stood on the issue, having never tried it before. Thankfully, Pizza Hut Japan decided to put an end to that era of her life with their new release: the Bulgogi Festa, a pizza divided into quarters, each of which share the topping of Korean meat bulgogi.

▼ In addition to bulgogi there’s one quarter with jalapenos, another with kimchi,
another with “extra tasty” bulgogi, and finally… one with pineapple.

Of course all of those pizzas can be ordered separately from each other, but Saya felt as though Pizza Hut putting them together, and particularly having the pineapple one there, was a ploy by them to get people to try toppings that they might not normally order.

Especially one certain topping in particular.

▼ There the pineapples were, in the bottom left, just sitting there as if they were
normal toppings, and not yellowed blisters of terror ready to pop.

▼ Saya rationalized that fruit and meat usually went together well, like roast ham
with pineapple, likely the same reasoning Pizza Hut had in pairing it with bulgogi.

▼ But that would come later.
She decided to start with the “extra tasty” bulgogi quarter.

▼ Thick pieces of sweet and salty bulgogi with mayonnaise and topped
with thread peppers. The perfect way to put off what was coming later.

As expected, the “extra tasty” bulgogi section was delicious.

Pizza Hut says that it’s been their most popular pizza for 20 years since its introduction, and having tried it, it was not hard at all for Saya to see why.

▼ Next up, kimchi.

▼ Overall not bad. It wasn’t spicy at all, and the cabbage gave it a slight crunch.
It didn’t have the bitter aftertaste that some kimchi has either.

▼ The jalapeno section was fine too, just spicy enough to be bearable for Saya.
But by now, she was getting nervous. It was almost time for…

▼ …the main event!

Before jumping into this one, she had to take a mental break. A breather. Gather her wits and prepare for what was to come.

The three previous slices… no, her entire life up to this point, had been merely training for this moment.

▼ “It’s just you and me, pal. One of us is going down.”

▼ “So it might as well be you!”

▼ …

▼ Holy crap!
The pineapple slice was the best one by far!

Maybe it was because she’d gotten used to the bulgogi taste by then and the pineapple was so refreshing and different, or maybe it was the sharp citrus that complemented the meat perfectly, or maybe it was just because she likes fruits and got to experience them in a new way.

No matter the reason, it was incredible. Saya even did another round on all the slices, and when she got back to the pineapple one, it was yet again her favorite.

When Saya had ordered sweet and sour pork from Chinese restaurants with pineapple before, she could take or leave the pineapple. But for bulgogi pizza, as far as she’s concerned, it’s not worth eating without pineapple.

▼ You never know what you’ll learn when you try new things.

If you’d like to experience the same enlightenment as Saya, and you’re in Japan, you can get your own Bulgogi Festa pizza from Pizza Hut Japan until August 15. Or if you’re feeling inspired, you can just order a whole pineapple-bulgogi pizza too.

And if you’re not in Japan, no worries. You can always make one of Pizza Hut Japan’s other specialties yourself pretty easily: the ice-cream and maple syrup pizza.

Source: Pizza Hut Japan
Images: Pizza Hut Japan, SoraNews
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