Satisfy your inner Kero-chan and stuff yourself with sparkly Sakura-style sweets!

If Sailor Moon is the queen of globally adored magical girl franchises, Card Captor Sakura makes a great candidate for the princess. Clad in a revolving wardrobe of custom outfits and wielding an adorable winged staff, Sakura’s captured way more hearts than she has cards since her manga debut in 1996. We’re still feeling her influence in 2021, which is why Tokyo will host a pop-up collaboration cafe with the franchise this winter!

Hot off the heels of the Sanrio collaboration earlier this year, this adorable collaboration started on November 13 and will last until January 10, 2022. You can find the cafe in the Shibuya Tokyo Parade goods&cafe on the 6th floor of the Shibuya Parco department store building.

▼ The key art for the collaboration stars Sakura dressed in various pastel outfits due to the theme, “colorful à la mode”.

The art and menu items draw from the relatively recent refresh of the series, Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc. Listed among the various technicolor treats are the stunning Sakura Doll Cakes (1,650 yen/US$14.50) which come in three different colors and replicate Sakura’s dress with matching flavor profiles. Here’s the pink version, starring an adorable cat-eared Sakura alongside strawberries and cream…and a touch of apple for good measure.

The blue version uses blue curacao flavoring as its base, while the yellow outfit is a creamy mascarpone cheesecake affair.

Be careful, though, as these doll cakes are available for limited, and different, times! The red version is only available until November 30. Guests who visit from December 1 to December 20 can purchase the blue version, while anyone wanting to sample the yellow version will need to wait until December 21 at least! In the same way, the Sakura’s Fruit Tea Soda (990 yen) flavor will rotate colors throughout the cafe’s run.

▼ The fruit alternates to match the color.

Mankind cannot subsist on cake alone, so the cafe has some savory plates on offer as well. Read the menu names carefully, though! This dish is called Kero’s Cream Gnocchi… Surprise! It’s Takoyaki Style! (1,430 yen). It’s a classy-looking pasta dish with Kero’s adorable features incorporated into it, but the bonito flakes and octopus meat give it an undeniable takoyaki twist.

Okay, back to cakes. Phew! This tiered offering is called A Party Set with Sakura and Friends! (3,960 yen) and comes with all the varied little treats, cakes, and macarons you see piled high in this image, as well as a non-alcoholic sparkling drink.

Purchasing the party set means you’ll receive a free clear plastic placemat to take home too. So how can you possibly resist?

And speaking of freebies, all visitors to the cafe will be presented with one of thirteen types of coasters at random.

Alongside sweet, savory, and thirst-quenching menu items, you’ll have the chance to purchase cafe-only merchandise that’s almost too precious to bear. Many bear the official art of Sakura in her three colorful outfits, but we’d be remiss not to highlight the cute random Heart-Shaped Badges you can buy (550 yen). You’ll get one of these six gorgeous pastel designs.

The cafe is rumored to pop up in Osaka and Nagoya in 2022 after this initial run, so keep your eyes peeled and your stomachs prepared! It’s what Kero would want.

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Source, images: Press Release
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