This recipe isn’t just super effective, it’s super cute too!

In Japan, the best meals are supposed to be a treat for both the taste buds and the eyes, which is why home chefs put so much effort into adorable bento boxed lunch dishes shaped like adorable characters, or chara-ben.

But as amazing as they are to look out, they must take a lot of time, and skill, to make, right? Like that Pikachu omelet pictured above probably requires a special mold from the Pokémon Center, doesn’t it?

Nope! The only cooking tools you’ll need are a silicone baking cup (like for making muffins or cupcakes), a strainer, a bowl, a spoon or stirrer, and a toothpick. You don’t need a frying pan, or even a stove, either, because you can do all of the cooking in the microwave, and the entire demonstration video, posted by the official Pokémon Kids TV YouTube channel, is less than a minute long!

First, let’s run through the list of ingredients:
Egg (1)
Milk (1 tablespoon)
Sugar (1 teaspoon)
Salt (1 pinch)
Corn (approximate 1 teaspoon)
Cheddar cheese (1 slice)
Nori/dried seaweed (1 piece)

Step 1: Crack the egg into a bowl. Combine the milk, sugar, and salt. Mix well and staring the mixture to ensure a smooth, uniform consistency.

Step 2: Place the corn in a silicone baking cup. Pour in the strained egg mixture, then heat the cup for 40 seconds in the microwave at 600 watts.

Step 3: Use a toothpick to cut out two Pikachu-ear shaped pieces of cheese.

Step 4: By the time you’re done cutting out the ears, it should be time to take the silicone cup out of the microwave. Tear up the remaining cheese you didn’t use for the ears into little piece, sprinkle them into the cup, and put it back in the microwave for another 20 seconds, again at 600 watts.

Step 5: Using the nori/dried seaweed, cut out shapes for the dark-colored sections of Pikachu’s ears and facial features. You can use the toothpick, kitchen shears, or just tear the nori with your hands if you’ve got a deft touch. Using a dob of mayonnaise as an adhesive, attach the nori to the tips of Pikachu’s ears.

Step 6: Take the silicone cup out of the microwave and arrange Pikachu’s ears and facial features. Using the toothpick, apply mayo and ketchup for Pikachu’s pupils and rosy cheeks.

Step 7: Bask in the cheers of glee as any and all Pokémon fans in the room see how cute your finished Pikachu omelet is (some of those cheers will, of course, be coming from you but that’s OK, you earned them).

Not only does the recipe’s simplicity mean you can whip one up for yourself whenever you feel like it, it also means its easy to prepare a batch to show up with and become the hero of any potluck party with fellow Poké-fans. And if you’re looking for a side dish, the new Pikachu tail sandwich looks like something it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate at home.

Source/images: YouTube/ポケモン Kids TV
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