Japan’s best source of muscularly macho stock photos debuts new genre: Hotel Macho.

If you’re a modern media creative type, a good stock photo source is invaluable. For example, let’s say you’re putting together a website or presentation, and you want a generic image of a hotel. There are all sorts of online free photo collections where you can get what you need.

But what if you need an image that not only says “Hotel!” but also says “Massive muscles!” Well, in that case, there’s probably only one place that has what you’re looking for: Muscle Plus.

Muscle Plus is Japan’s premiere free online source of “macho” stock photos. Since its launching two years ago, Muscle Plus has regularly updated its image library, and its latest batch of prodigiously pectoral-packed pics is titled “Hotel Macho.”

Shot at the luxurious Hotel Greges in the coastal town of Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture, Muscle Plus founder Akihito and buff buddy Toshi are our hospitable hosts, welcoming guests with courteous smiles and no clothing whatsoever between their waists and collarbones.

▼ Is Akihito underdressed, or is the guest who’s just arrived overdressed?

When not working the front desk, Akihito and Toshi pull double duty not as bellboys, but as dumbbellboys.

Don’t worry, they’re not just here to stand around and flex, as they’re happy to help you with your bags.

They don’t seem to have much need for the luggage cart’s wheels, though.

Unless they’re taking it for a joyride, that is.

▼ Careful, Toshi! If you crush that bell, how will guests ring for help when no one’s around?

The hardworking hardbodies also appear in the hotel lounge.

▼ Let’s take a moment to admire not only their musculature, but their excellent posture as well.

The pair also posed by the hotel pool, where their shirtlessness seems a lot more normal, so they make up for it with other weirdness.

Remember, though, Akihito and Toshi were just here for a photo shoot, so don’t expect to run into them if you roll up to the hotel, or for them to answer the phone if you call the place.

▼ Especially since it looks entirely possible that either they don’t know what telephones are or they’re just so manly that whatever they hold in their hands may magically turn into weight training equipment.

But if you’ve been desperately running searches for “free to use photo of buff shirtless dudes in a hotel” and the results have been coming up empty, your unusualy specific prayers have been answered (and that goes for searches for “free to use photo of buff isekai’ed guy” too).

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Source: PR Times
Top image: Muscle Plus
Insert images: Muscle Plus (1, 2)
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