There’s a clear winner when it comes to fried prawns at these sushi chains.

As we continue on our quest to compare every type of sushi on the menu at all four of the nation’s top conveyor belt restaurant chains, we’ve come to realise that generally there aren’t any major duds amongst them.

▼ The top four chains, clockwise from top left: Kappa Sushi, Kura Sushi, Sushiro, and Hama Sushi

However, in the latest edition of our ongoing taste-test showdown, this time involving Prawn Tempura Sushi, we were surprised to find there was one clear standout that left the competition dead in the water.

Which one of the four above is worthy of the crown? Let’s get straight to it and take a look at the tasting notes from our reporter P.K. Sanjun, who visited all four chains within the space of three hours to give us the lowdown.

● Hama Sushi (110 yen)

“The prawns were quite big, the batter was crispy and the flesh plump. With a piece of fried prawn on top of a bed of hand-moulded rice, this was a perfect example of an orthodox Prawn Tempura, despite Prawn Tempura not being an orthodox type of sushi — no matter how you judge it, there were no flaws to be found here.”

● Kura Sushi (220 yen)

“I couldn’t find a prawn tempura in the usual nigiri hand-moulded style on the menu, so this temaki, or hand-rolled, version was the closest thing I could get. The tartar sauce totally took over as the main star of the show here, pushing the flavour of the prawn to the side as it stole the spotlight. Still, it was delicious, as the prawn was well made with a nice crisp batter, although its flavour was noticeably subdued.”

● Kappa Sushi (110 yen)

“The combination of crispy, light batter and plump shrimp was impeccableThis was a high degree of perfection, setting the bar high as a top contender for the number one spot.”

● Sushiro

“I had high hopes that Sushiro’s prawn tempura would be delicious, but these were off-the scale! Delicious beyond imagination! The reason for the difference in flavour comes down to the difference in the type of prawn used — these ones contain black tiger prawns, which have a plumper texture, making for a sublime mouthfeel. Combined with the freshly fried, crispy batter, these are exceptional, and levels above the others in terms of taste and texture.”

▼ So there you have it — Sushiro is the place to go for excellent Prawn Tempura Sushi.

As always, you can’t go wrong with Prawn Tempura at any of the top chains, but you’ll definitely get the best bang for your yen at Sushiro. However, if you’re looking for the best non-fried prawn sushi, there’s a different chain that deserves your yen.

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