Pokémon merch doesn’t get more accurately named than the Big Garchomp Cushion.

Generally speaking, the really big Pokémon plushies tend to be of the franchise’s cuter species. That’s because once a plushie gets too big to easily put away when you’re not hugging it, it essentially becomes furniture, and a Pocket Monster with a welcoming aura, like Lapras or Puplup, is the easiest to incorporate into your interior décor.

But there are plenty of Pokémon who have won fans not with their cuddly cuteness, but the palpable power that emanates from their presence. So that’s why the latest species to get the giant plushie/furniture treatment is Garchomp.

First introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Garchomp is a Dragon/Ground-type Pokémon that resembles a bipedal hammerhead shark, and which can also fly at speeds rivaling jet aircraft, earning it the title of the “Mach Pokémon.” For the Big Garchomp Cushion, though, Premium Bandai’s designers have captured it in a restful state, catching some Zs before heading out again to hunt its prey at supersonic speeds.

Ahhh! Maybe he’s dreaming of “diving into flocks of bird Pokémon and gulping the entire flock down whole,” like its Pokédex entry says it likes to do.

At 1.6 meters (63 inches) in length, the cushion isn’t quite as big as Garchomp’s in-game listed height of 1.9 meters, but it’s still the largest piece of merch ever produced for the species.

And its wingspan is even bigger, at 1.8 meters across.

▼ Garchomp’s colorful underbelly

The designers make a special point of reminding potential purchasers that while Garchomp may look like a shark, the plushie/cushion/sofa is soft to the touch, with none of the roughness associated with the skin of the marine predator, and promises that the Big Garchomp Cushion will “fulfill your desires” of leaning on and/or being leaned on by the giant Pokémon.

Orders can be placed here through the Premium Bandai online store, where it’s priced at 57,200 yen (US$389) and shipping is scheduled for February.

Source, images: Premium Bandai
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