And yes, the designers made sure to include his tail.

Japan often plays fast and loose with the meaning of English loanwords, and a good example is “sofa.” To native English speakers, a sofa should be a bench-like seat for two or more people, but in Japan, the word is also used to describe a big, soft, comfy piece of furniture for a single person to sit in.

As a linguist, this kind of irks me, since both English and Japanese already have words for a piece of furniture for one person to sit in: chair and isu, respectively. But I’m happy to give a pass to this chair that’s being marketed as a “sofa,” because of how cool and adorable it is.

The Slowpoke Bead Sofa is a gigantic symbol of admiration for the goofily lovable Pokémon. Given the Water/Psychic-type’s unhurried attitude, Slowpoke (or Yadon, as the species is called in Japanese versions of the game/anime), is a very appropriate muse for the micro bead-filled easy chair.

The designers at Kanagawa-based furniture maker Cellutane made sure to include not only Slowpoke’s silly smile, but also his purportedly delicious tail around back. The ears are also soft and squeezable, the company boasts.

If you’re getting out a tape measure to see if you can fit the chair in your room, it’s 92 by 101 centimeters (36.2 by 39.8 inches) at the base. At 8.75 kilograms (19.3 pounds), it’s substantial enough that it won’t get knocked around, but not so heavy that you won’t be able to move it when vacuuming or rearranging your home interior.

▼ An especially nice feature is that the cover is removable and machine washable, so you can give Slowpoke a bath if he gets dirty.

The Slowpoke Beads Sofa is priced at 28,400 yen (US$204) and can be purchased through the Cellutane online store here, as well as Rakuten and Yahoo! Japan shopping sites (here and here). And yes…

…Cellutane is still offering its other Pokémon chairs and ottomans too.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Cellutane
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