Spiky Pocket Monster turns into a soft spot to relax.

If you’re an anime or game fan looking to add nods to your favorite series to your home interior, there are two ways to go about it. One is to incorporate subtle touches that will go unnoticed to the untrained eye, only registering with fellow fans. The other is to fly your full fandom colors with something that anyone will be looking at the second they step into the room, even if they’ve seen the series themselves.

This Pokémon chair is for those of you choosing option two.

Designed by Kanagawa Prefecture-based furniture company Cellutane, you could accuse the Gengar Bead Sofa of having a slightly misleading name, as it’s really more of a one-person chair than a multiple-occupant sofa. But the rest of the name is spot-on, as that’s definitely the Gen-I Ghost/Poison-type purple Pokémon.

It’s a through recreation from multiple angles. Straight-on, you’re greeted by Gengar’s signature sinister smile, and around back are extra rows of dorsal spikes.

Don’t worry, though, because the Gengar Sofa won’t transfer toxins to you when you touch it. It’s actually stuffed with micro beads so that it gently hugs you when you plop yourself down.

With wide armrests and a supportive back section, Genngar looks like a great buddy to relax with, though naturally the ultimate comfort comes from pairing the chair with one of the company’s Poké Ball ottomans.

The chair measures 920 millimeters (36.2 inches) across and 820 millimeters (32.3) inches deep, and at 8.85 kilograms (19.5 pounds) in weight, it’s light enough to easily reposition or scoot to the side when cleaning.

Speaking of keeping things clean, the Gengar Sofa’s cover is removable and washable, prompting the designers to assure us that it’s “a safe choice for homes with small children,” showing their kindness towards kids and also sparing the feelings of messy adult Pokémon fans who might like to enjoy some snacks or beverages during a gaming or anime-viewing session.

The Gengar Beads Sofa is priced at 25,990 yen (US$228) and available online here through Rakuten. And if you’re wondering what to do when it’s time to sleep, there’s always the Gengar tongue sleeping bag thingie.

Source: PR Times
Images: Rakuten/Cellutane
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