Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it did.

It seems like just yesterday that we chowed down on the decadent Toshi Yoroizuka collaboration donuts sold at Mister Donut, but we may have to go back for more. The previously released Triolet Chocolat, Noix de Coco, Pistache, and Mont Blanc donuts are still available, but starting January 25, two more collaboration donuts will be sold in limited quantities at Mister Donut stores throughout Japan. Here’s what to expect:


This one has an Ecuador-grown banana and chocolate whip filling sandwiched between Danish chocolate donuts. It also has a golden crumb topping, along with cocoa powder and a chocolate drizzle to finish it off. It’s priced at 248 yen (US$1.91) per donut for takeout or 253 yen for eat-in.

Marron Caramel Salé

Want something that’s super warm and comforting? You may opt for this one. It has Italian-grown chestnut whipped cream mixed with salted caramel, nestled between Danish chocolate donuts. It’s topped with candied almonds, pistachios, and powdered sugar. This donut is also 248 yen for takeout or 253 yen for eat-in.

Misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka Chocolat Set

If you want to include some of the previously released four flavors in the mix, consider getting them for takeout! This takeout-limited set comes with a special collaboration paper bag. Just choose the four Misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka donuts of your choosing and it will cost you 992 yen.

These special treats will be sold until the end of February or when supplies run out, so even if you can’t get one right when they go on sale, you still have a bit of wiggle room. Get your chocolate on!

Source and images: PR Times
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