Koh Ruide

Born in Singapore, Ray left the island nation and spent a decade immersing himself in Melbourne's coffee culture. Fate would have none of that, and whisked him to Japan to fulfill his childhood dream of piloting an Evangelion unit. While he has yet to meet Rei Ayanami in the flesh, he has instead settled for savoring all the weird and wonderful foods that Japan has to offer. He is always on the lookout for all things unique and exciting. Luckily for him, Japan is never short on those.

All Stories by Koh Ruide

A day in the life of Japanese YouTuber Hikakin 【Video】

Contrary to popular belief, being a professional YouTuber is actually a lot tougher than it looks.

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Bonrama combines Japanese bonsai-style scenery and railroad tracks to spiff up your room

You can now own a little part of Japan to have in your own room!

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One Japanese prefecture’s bubbly message to drivers who refuse to use their turn signals【Video】

When you need to get the message across, use more bubble wrap.

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Foreigners in Japan sound off on the top four quirks of the Japanese job-hunting system

Looking for a job here in Japan? You better prepare yourself for these four quirks.

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Curry incense lets you reach Nirvana deliciously

Achieving enlightenment doesn’t usually stimulate your appetite, but it just might with this special incense!

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