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Japan’s Shachi Bus offers tour with no destination or leaving the bus, but something’s fishy…

This first-of-its-kind tour is designed for bus lovers by bus lovers, or really just anyone who loves riding on buses.

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Hanami on the go — Take a whirlwind bus tour of the best cherry blossom spots in Tokyo

See the best sakura that Tokyo has to offer all in one trip!
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Company uses empty buses to create giant maze after tours drop due to COVID-19【Video】

A very different kind of bus tour for tourists.

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New Japanese luxury bus tour seats only 10 passengers, tickets cost over US$1,200 each

How do you picture being transported to your fantasy vacation spot? A giant cruise ship? A seat in the first-class section of a jumbo jet? How about… a bus?

Not quite sure about that last one? Well the Japanese company Isetan Mitsukoshi Travel is trying to change your mind by offering luxury bus rides from Tokyo to all over Japan. And we’re not exaggerating with the use of the word luxury here: each bus seats only 10 people, and the ticket will cost you around 150,000 yen (US$1,211).

Can such a price tag possibly be worth it? Read on to find out!

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Experience space travel — or something like it — on the Star Fighter Day Bus Tour!

Bus trips can be a lot of fun, can’t they? And many buses these days are truly fancy, impressive vehicles, making bus trips quite comfortable as well. Plus, the bus takes you all the way to your destination and back, without the hassle of changing transports while dragging around your luggage, so the traveling is all sweet and easy (unless you get stuck in traffic for hours or the bus breaks down, of course). In fact, you could even say that the only thing you have to worry about is being bored while you’re sitting in the bus. Well, we found a unique bus tour that definitely leaves no room for boredom and didn’t hesitate to send one of our reporters to experience it first hand. And believe us, the bus used in this tour is unlike any you’ve seen before… Read More