This is the one and only kakuni pork bowl restaurant in Tokyo, and it’s amazing

Located in a quiet part of a student neighborhood, this is where our kakuni dreams came true.

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Tokyo ramen restaurant bans customers from watching YouTube videos on their phones while eating

New rule goes into place at restaurant in city’s “ramen battlefield.”

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In our search for crispy katsudon, we try a highly recommended place in a Tokyo university town

But reviews had us concerned about whether it offered what we wanted or not. 

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Mister Donut dazzles us with custom-made Pokémon furniture and edible Jigglypuffs【Photos】

Delicious donuts, fashionable furniture, and just a little terrifying trauma.

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We try a new natto coffee ice cream that took 17 months to perfect

Tokyo cafe finds a way to use natto’s sticky texture to create a dessert like Turkish ice cream.

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Mr. Sato takes on this mega bowl of hiyashi chuka and possibly snubs his boss in the process

When the summer heat decreases your appetite, there’s nothing like a giant bowl of chilled noodles to bring it back.

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We eat the best crayfish of our life at a Tokyo specialty restaurant【Taste test】

This Takadanobaba restaurant blew us away with its delicious Chinese-inspired dishes!

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Super-spicy Tokyo ramen served in a 572-degree Fahrenheit bowl? Yep, we’ll eat that!【Taste test】

Our resident spice fiend puts his tongue to the test in Tokyo’s most competitive ramen neighborhood!

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Workaholic Japan forgives Tokyo noodle joint owner who closed early for the best reason of all

There was someone, or, actually, two people he had to see.

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Tokyo restaurant’s mega pasta is so huge they’ll pay you US$455 if you can eat it all by yourself

If you’re hungry and quick enough, this eating challenge in Tokyo’s liveliest student neighborhood can make a tidy profit.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken has all-you-can-drink beer in Tokyo for less than 10 bucks

Cocktails, wine also part of unbeatable package.

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Game-loving couple rents out Tokyo arcade for their wedding ceremony, battles it out on Tekken

Surely these are relationship goals for gamers everywhere.

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How much will 10,000 yen get you at second-hand clothing shop Tanpopo House?

Armed with 10,000 yen (roughly US$81), our reporter visited one of Japan’s cheapest used clothing shops. Check out the outfit he assembled!

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New ‘Shrine Cafe’ in Tokyo offers fortune-telling and counseling services with your tea

Hey everyone, how has 2014 treated you? Did you finally get that dream job you wanted? Or maybe you moved, or found a significant other?

With only a little over two months left in the year, you might find yourself already looking forward to what the new year has to offer. If you’re especially eager to get a ‘sneak-peak’ of what 2015 has in store for you, then this new Shrine Cafe located in Tokyo’s Takadanobaba neighborhood may just be the perfect place for you. It only opened its doors on the 14th of this month, but it already promises to fill a niche in Japan’s already abundant and eclectic cafe scene.

But wait–just what the heck is a shrine cafe??

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Getting married? Love video games? Why not hold your wedding at this Tokyo video arcade!

Now, I’m sure that to most people, weddings are a big deal. And finding the right venue is surely one of the most important steps in planning a wedding. What, then, would be your ideal wedding location? You may say Disneyland, or if you’re a train fan, maybe a ceremony on the JR Yamanote Line is what you would call the wedding of your dreams.

Well, if anyone out there thinks a video game arcade is the perfect wedding venue for them, then there’s an arcade in central Tokyo that could actually make your dream come true!

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