Our Japanese reporter’s experience with crawfish in the US left him stunned


Our reporter gets stuck into a seafood treat not usually found in Japan.

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Go shopping with our Japanese reporter as he experiences Costco in the U.S. for the first time

Feeling like a large child with king-sized candy bar dreams, he entered a whole new world of delight with a few big surprises.

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Largest Japanese giant salamander dies, aged…Maybe 70 or so?

Yuzumaru, we hardly knew ye.

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Japan Travel: 17 Things to do in Oita, Japan’s onsen prefecture

There’s so much more to Oita than amazing hot springs. 

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Let’s visit Machu Picchu located in the mountains of USA, Japan!

Confused? We sure were.

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“Japan’s USA” catches flak for celebrating Trump inauguration

One quaint little town calling themselves “Japan’s USA” unexpectedly found themselves in hot water for celebrating the new American president.

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What do Chicago hot dogs, a Japanese admiral, and a gold tooth have in common?

This is guaranteed to be the extra-credit question on your next history exam!

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McDonald’s launches epic Japan vs America burger battle

Batten down the hatches – there’s a war on between Japan and America. Which side will you take in the great burger battle?

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Our Japanese reporter’s US trip goes horribly wrong when his luggage somehow ends up in Ecuador

Today, we’d like to share with you the experience of one of our reporters on a domestic flight in the United States. Hailing from Japan, home of the airport that hasn’t lost a piece of luggage in 20 years, our reporter Yoshio wasn’t expecting the unthinkable to happen on his brief 45-minute flight – but somehow, his bag went missing. And ended up in Ecuador!

Join us after the jump to hear his story, featuring insurance claims, flight changes, and at least one trip to buy new underwear.

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US Department of State announces lucky winners of green card lottery

The US Department of State announced on its website the number of people from each region chosen for their 2013 visa lottery program, also known as the green card lottery. Those lucky enough to be chosen will then go through the application process to receive a visa granting them permanent residency in the good old US of A. Read on for more details about the lottery and to learn which parts of the world received the most visas.

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Our reporter visits anti-aging diner in US, feels 20 years younger

The endless influx of American hamburger and pancake chains onto Japanese shores is perpetuating the stereotype that the American diet is basically nothing but an artery-clogging combination of grease and lard peppered with artificial flavors, but for American expats sick of being asked “Do you love hamburger?” by Japanese acquaintances, help may be on the way.

Rumor in Japanese foodie circles has it that the next American food chain to come to Japan may just be True Food Kitchen, an Arizona restaurant focusing on so-called “anti-aging” recipes made from healthy, natural ingredients.

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