home decor

Fried chicken pillows with sizzling ASMR audio will soothe your soul, rouse your appetite

Home decor for the nugget lover with everything. 

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An insider’s look at how Salvador Dali’s beloved traditional Japanese-style umbrellas are made

Just what is it about Japanese style umbrellas that captured Salvador Dali’s heart? HIYOSHIYA may give you a hint or two.

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Bring cute cats into your home with amazing new wall seals from Japan

This is one clever workaround for animal-loving renters who aren’t allowed pets in their home.

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This smiling seal will help you get through summer in more ways than one

With its snuggly body and contented face, there’s more to this cute animal than just its good looks.

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You can now buy your favorite Japanese foods in candle form!【Pics】

Curry and gyoza so hot, it burns—literally.

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New Star Wars home collection from Japanese manufacturer brings the Force to interior decorating

If you’ve ever wanted to fill your house with Star Wars furnishings, now you can, thanks to the Star Wars/Premium Home Collection from Japanese furniture manufacturer IDC Otsuka.

The 150-piece plus collection includes cushions, rugs, tableware, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, coat hangers, and even a variety of bobbly-headed Japanese kokeshi dolls.

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