Seal 9

This is one clever workaround for animal-loving renters who aren’t allowed pets in their home.

Lately, cats have been using optical illusions to trick us, with varying degrees of success. Now they’re back in an even more surreal manner, ready to grace the walls of our homes and turn the heads of visitors as a set of mesmerising seals.


Created by Japanese company Tokyo Sticker, in collaboration with acclaimed animal photographer Mitsuaki Iwagou, the digital prints have been carefully designed with meticulous attention to detail that goes right down to the tiny strands of hair on the animal’s fur.  The A4-sized wall cats are so faithfully replicated they look real even from a short distance.


There are eleven different designs to choose from with a number of breeds to suit your feline-loving needs.



▼ There’s even a cat with a cute pug friend for those who want some quiet canine company to join the cats in the house.


▼ To make the cats look even more realistic, they can be placed on walls next to tabletops and couches.



The seals, released on June 12, are available to purchase online for 2,138 yen (US$20) each with nationwide delivery. If you’re outside Japan, you’ll need to use a reshipping service or find a really nice friend in Japan!


So, which cute animal would you take home?

Source, Images: @Press
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