Restaurant by Tokyo SkyTree perfects Inari Sushi, sells nothing else for 40 years

Hope you like inarizushi. Otherwise just keep walking, pal.

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This homemade panda sushi from Japan contains no meat or fish, but tons of cuteness

Apparently the loveable creatures can be found in the mountains of China, zoos, and this couple’s refrigerator.

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Everyone should eat Hello Kitty inarizushi at least once

Hello Kitty has just turned 39 and it seems like everyone in Japan is gearing up for her to turn the big 4-0. In celebration of her achievement, Hello Kitty is being turned into a beloved Japanese snack, Inarizushi. This dish named after the Shinto god, Inari, has always had those little peaks of unfilled fried tofu pouch at each corner and adding the simple dots, lines, and familiar bow makes the snack look just like Hello Kitty. However, even if the sight of this irresistible sushi makes you want to run out and buy one immediately, it’s unfortunately only available in one area of Japan.

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