How drunk can Awamori Jelly infused with liquor from Okinawa make us?

When in Okinawa, drink (or eat!) awamori!

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Japanese police ask drunk people to please stop sleeping in the middle of the street

Liquored up naps, sometimes in car lanes, are so common in one part of Japan that there’s a new vocabulary word for it.

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FamilyMart’s alcohol-infused coffee drink so good, we can’t believe it’s only sold in Okinawa!

Okinawa, the tropical island at the southern end of Japan, is known for its unique culture and tasty foods like soki soba (Okinawa noodles) and rafuti (sweet stewed pork). Another local specialty Okinawa is famous for is the alcoholic drink awamori, a distilled drink made from long-grain rice.

While the beverage has its fans across Japan, it also has enough of a distinct flavor that some people consider it a bit of an acquired taste.  So you can imagine it came as somewhat of a surprise when we found out that they sell an alcoholic coffee drink in Okinawa that is infused with awamori, and at a convenience store chain, no less. We definitely had to try this!

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