We head to an Okinawan restaurant to try yagijiru goat soup and other things we didn’t know exist

Local landmark in Ishigaki has a very unique menu.

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A trip to hell on Japan’s ‘vomit ship’: Is it as bad as everyone says it is?

Exploring the not-so-glamorous side of island-hopping.

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We hope Ishigaki Island’s specialty snack food goes viral in Japan… Uh, we mean that in the “popular” sense not the “virus” one

Ishigaki Island has a few well known specialty foods such as Ishigaki beef and Yaeyama soba noodle, but aside from these delicacies a little-known snack food has been making waves across the nation. They call it onisasa.

Onisasa should be mistaken for some gimmicky new flavor the city of Ishigaki has concocted just to drum up tourism. This little hidden gem had been around for a long time in the region before getting the attention of greater Japan. So just what is onisasa?

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