De-stress and breathe easy with handy tip from Japanese vocal technique specialist

Simple hand gesture blows people away with its ability to change the way you breathe.

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Which prefecture has the most chilled young people? Survey asks 20 year olds “what are you worried about?”

How do you say ‘Hakuna Matata’ in Japanese? Maybe people from these prefectures can tell you!

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The five least stressful jobs, as ranked by Japanese working people

Does your job make the list?

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Young Japanese men say paying for dates is the hardest part of life as a guy【Survey】

But a different mental burden takes over the top spot as they get older.

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Hate your boss? Mad at your ex? Release stress and unleash anger at Crash Box Japan

New rage room lets you smash things in the style of Marvel’s Thor or Cloud from Final Fantasy.

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Japanese cosmetic company discovers our “stress smell” is similar to a dead animal’s butt

Shiseido says our bodies produce a very distinct odor when we feel the effects of stress.

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Overworked Japanese monk cured by the power of online gaming

Online warrior monk gets his real-life HP restored.

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Scientific study from Japan proves ninja hand gestures sharpen the mind and reduce stress

Next time you’re feeling stressed, act like a ninja and perform these nine simple hand signals.

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Tubes, Sieves, and Boxes: Three ways of dealing with stress, according to Japanese Twitter artist

One variety proves to be particularly common among online commenters.

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Woman kills self jumping onto train tracks, delay causes conductor to jump off tracks at other station

Approximately 20 minutes after an elderly woman leapt in front of an express train, a conductor threw himself from an elevated train track down the line.

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Hugvie, the blobular doll that combines hugs and phone calls, might actually help reduce stress

Regular readers will no doubt recall the Telenoid R1, the tactile doll shaped like a giant human foetus that when controlled via remote computer almost appears to be alive. Using this intriguing yet somewhat disturbing technology, creator and Osaka University professor Hiroshi Ishiguro went on to produce Hugvie, a soft, pared-down version of the doll that has a slot for a smartphone in its head, enabling users to cuddle and chat at once while the doll’s internal vibrators simulate the caller’s heartbeat based on their tone and the volume of their voice.

As fun and quirky as the pillow was, few ever thought it could be beneficial to users’ health, but recent research suggests that cuddling up with one of these blobs while chatting on the phone could actually help reduce stress and make us feel more content.

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10 habits that increase your risk of sudden death

It is often taken for granted that our daily lives are reasonably safe. However, it’s quite possible that the routine we’re leading is increasing our risk of a sudden death, as revealed by a new list of the top 10 deadliest daily routines. From using the toilet incorrectly to having too much sex, just how many of them apply to you?

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No wonder We Crave Sweets Under Stress! Twitter Post Offers Linguistic Proof that Stress Causes Craving for Sweet Foods

Feeling stressed out? Well, I’m sure most people (now be honest, everyone) have had the experience of feeling an uncontrollable urge to consume ridiculous amounts of cake or ice cream after being under stress or just extremely tired from having a million things to take care of in a day. Now, a Twitter post that has been attracting attention in Japan reveals to us the reason why we crave sweet foods when we’re stressed. Read More