The surprising truth about the new Tokyo Cacao Japanese KitKat

Special regional variety is not all it seems. 

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New Japanese KitKat uses cacao grown in Tokyo

There’s made in Japan and then there’s really made in Japan. 

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Japanese KitKats get a new regional flavour, straight from a Tokyo island

Plus, all the regional-exclusive KitKats get a revamp, giving them a whole new look. 

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Mew makes Pokémon manhole project debut in the most crazy-remote part of Tokyo there is

Pokémon Masters will need to spend an entire day traveling from Tokyo to spot the rarest of Gen I Pokémon and the evolved forms of the original three starters.

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How many have you seen? 18 must-visit sites in Japan 【World Heritage】

Visiting World Heritage Sites is a great way to see Japan. Since the sites are scattered all around the archipelago, you’re bound to be close to at least one of them no matter where you are in the country, and having gained the prestigious status by UNESCO, you can be sure you’re seeing the very best of Japan. After all, World Heritage status is not easily obtained and competition is stiff.

Join our peripatetic reporter as she takes you to each site and gives you the lowdown on what to see, how to avoid the crowds, and how to enjoy the sites on your own terms. Ready? Let’s go!

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Fiery balls of lava erupting from Nishinoshima eruption caught on video

Late last year we watched as a new island was born and started growing off the Pacific coast of Japan. Boy did it grow fast, as a little later that year it assimilated (to form the face of loveable hound, Snoopy, no less) with another nearby island, Nishinoshima.

This kind of event doesn’t happen every day, but unfortunately the Japanese Coast Guard is advising all ships to stay well clear thus torturing the curious souls who want to catch a glimpse of it. Then by a sheer stroke of luck, someone from the Ogasawara Tourist Board was able to capture a brief but interesting look at these eruptions in action and generously posted it on YouTube for all to see. It’s seriously impressive.

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