KitKat releases new Japanese plum flavor to celebrate Japan’s most beautiful winter flowers

Ume sweets prove there’s more to seasonal desserts than just sakura.

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Sakura McFizz and fries with plum seasoning on sale now at McDonald’s

The pink-coloured items are a beautiful way to spruce up the menu for spring.

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Sad news: 1,266 famous Tokyo plum trees get the axe to prevent spread of “plum pox”

It’s cherry blossom time in Tokyo, which means that the plum blossom season is just coming to a close, and one of Tokyo’s most popular spots to see plum blossom, Umeno Park in Ome, has finished the season with a sad announcement: it is chopping down all 1,266 of its famous plum trees to prevent the spread of a disease called plum pox.

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