Cute or Not Cute? Five Things Women Do That Men Really May Not Be Into

If you hadn’t already noticed, “cute” is a huge part of Japanese culture. From franchised characters known around the world (yes, all the usual favorites like Hello Kitty and Pokémon, to name but two) to local government mascots, Japan is full of cute in various shapes and sizes. But when it comes to passing judgment on what constitutes cute behavior from girls and what doesn’t, there seems to be a significant difference of opinion between the sexes.

See what you think of the opinion of some Japanese men collected on Japanese summary site NAVER Matome. Does any of it ring a bell? Read More

Survey Reveals that 65.5% of Japanese Male Office Workers Have Considered Divorce

In a survey conducted by Japanese magazine Nikkan Spa, 200 married male office workers aged between 20-40 were asked whether they had ever considered divorcing their spouse. As part of our recent love and relationships series, we’ve translated the results below for your delectation. Get ready for some seriously blunt answers and eye-opening reading.

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For richer or poorer? — What Japanese women really think about money and marriage

It’s an age-old question: Which is more important, love or money? There’s no right answer, and your feelings on the matter could very well change over the years. But really, you don’t want your life to be completely devoid of either, do you? Well, maybe if you’re exceedingly lucky, you have plenty of both and won’t ever have to think about choosing between the two (but I have the feeling that many of us aren’t that lucky). Sure, the Beatles can sing “All You Need Is Love” all they like and we can join along at the top of our voices, but can you really make a relationship, or even more complicated, a marriage work without money?

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Smokers! Layabouts! Takoyaki Cheeks! Japan’s Singletons List the Kinds of People They’d Hate to Marry

On the subject of love, marriage and relationships, Japan’s My Navi News carried out a survey late last year in which it asked 905 regular readers to share their pet peeves and relationship deal breakers. Rather than focusing on a partner’s merits, readers were asked to list the points that would turn them off or cause them to rule out the idea of marriage altogether. A relationship hate list, if you will.

Dividing the responses by sex, there were some surprising – and some not so surprising – replies. Dozens of tips for singletons and plenty for those already in relationships to bear in mind after the break.

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Girl Finds Herself Listed as “Stinky Soy Beans” in Boyfriend’s Phone, Turns to Internet for Advice

I’m sure we’d all like to think that our friends and loved ones smile whenever they see our names pop up on their phones, and that each text message or email appears alongside a cute nickname or something informal and loving. But if you caught sight of your better half’s mobile phone screen while you were calling them and “Stinky Soy Beans” popped up, you might not be too pleased.

Over at My Navi News Q&A — a service not unlike Yahoo! Answers which, as we saw yesterday, can yield some pretty interesting responses of its own —  a 26-year-old woman in Japan shared her worries after discovering that her boyfriend had entered her name on his smartphone as “nattō: GM Free”, fermented soybeans renown and hated by many for their strong smell and extremely gooey texture.

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Men Who Use Trains on Dates: Please Just Abandon the Idea of Marriage and Stay Single Forever

A little while ago, we posted a column on our Japanese site by a writer claiming to be a total “it girl“, the epitome of female sex appeal. The article received quite a bit of attention, prompting some internet viewers to respond with indignation, both feigned and genuine. Yes, it’s a bit naughty, and taken at face value, I guess the article could upset some readers, since it reads like … well, a column written by Carrie Bradshaw‘s evil Japanese twin.

The viewers’ response notwithstanding, we thought the article was funny, and we’ve translated it below for your amusement.  Read More

Ladies Beware! 9 Things Men Don’t Want to Find in a Girl’s Room

We all try to make good impressions when we have people over, don’t we? Especially when it’s a special someone. Well, if the person you’re inviting over is a Japanese man, there are some things ladies should beware of, according to Yahoo! Japan. Apparently, Japanese men (and perhaps it’s not just Japanese men) sometimes harbor “illusions” about what girls’ rooms are like — you know, always smelling sweet, with maybe lots of pink and lace and fluff. Well, sorry to have to break it to you guys, but these are “illusions” that exist mainly in movies or glossy magazines.

Putting male hypocrisy aside, I think we ladies can agree that no one has their room in picture-perfect condition all the time. But just to make sure you don’t plunge your male visitors into shock, the writers at Yahoo! Japan offer the following advice on 9 items that Japanese men say they definitely don’t want to see in a girl’s roomRead More

Why Japanese Girls Are a Better Catch Than Japanese Men: The Thoughts of a Japanese Cabin Attendant

In this age of global travel and internet communication, meeting and even getting seriously involved with someone from outside your country is a very real possibility. For that matter, how do Japanese women and men rate as romantic interests? Takako Matsushita, a Japanese cabin attendant who has also appeared on T.V. and in magazines, offers her perspective on how Japanese women may get higher marks than Japanese men in the international dating market. And her message? Japanese men need to watch out, or all the nice ladies in Japan may be snatched up by foreign men! Read More

The Top Nine Things Japanese Women Discreetly Check Out When on a Hunt for a Husband

“I like this guy… but is he suitable for marriage?”  This is one of the most important questions Japanese women ask themselves in considering a life time mate.  Marriage can be daunting even in the best of circumstances, so it’s crucial to have some assurance you’re making a good choice when deciding on that special person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Otome Sugoren, a website featuring articles on love, relationships and marriage, surveyed its female readers to get these results.  The reporter who compiled the info and wrote the article is a Japanese woman herself, so you can be sure of its authenticity!  Here are the top nine things Japanese women check out when Looking for a suitable marriage partner: Read More

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