We try a viral Chinese TikTok recipe for spicy ramen using Sprite soda in the broth【SoraKitchen】

What could “Sprite Noodles” taste like?

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Cucumber Sprite? Japan was through with it before the rest of you all knew what to do with it

Allow me to declare in my best cola-nerd voice, “Pepsi already did it!”

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Study in China determines Sprite to be the best drink to relieve a hangover

So you hit the bottle a little too hard last night and have now awoken in a state of gut-rotting, head-pounding, agony. Standing before the fridge you pretend to be a doctor and judge which drink would be chemically most efficient to chug your way out of this stupor. Water? Coffee? Wheat tea?

Surprisingly, if you chose Sprite, you’d be correct. At least, that’s what a team of researchers at Zhongshan University decided after studying the effects of 57 different drinks against hangovers.

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