Japan’s caviar purin custard pudding – Weirdly wonderful, or foolishly fancy?【Taste test】

Adding the gourmet taste of caviar and truffle to one of Japan’s simplest desserts.

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Trick or treat! These Tsum Tsum Trick Box Truffles are sure to tickle your Halloween spirit

These delicious-looking, chocolate-covered truffles come in some seriously cute Halloween-themed Tsum Tsum wrappers.

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Quarter Pounder Black Diamond diners ask, “Where are the truffles?”

This past July 13, McDonald’s Japan released their second premium sandwich, the Quarter Pounder Black Diamond for one day only for the ostentatious price of 1,000 yen (US$10).

This one in particular drew lots of customers thanks to its special truffle ingredient. Many were hoping to finally get an affordable taste of these luxurious fungi. However, many ended up still wondering if they actually know what a truffle tastes like.

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