Real life yandere? Japanese man’s ex-girlfriend sneaks into his home, cooks up something crazy

“Yup, this is the start to a horror movie.”

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Only in Japan: handwritten love letters from high school girls now available in crank machines

Creepy or cute? Read some of the letters yourself and find out.

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“Yandere Simulator” game lets you release your jealous schoolgirl rage and murder love rivals

Think back to your high school days. Wouldn’t it have been nice if you could’ve easily disposed of all of your potential romantic rivals in the manner of your choice?

Now you can relive those school-day memories and channel all of your jealous rage into playing Yandere Simulator, a stealth indie game currently being developed by a single man under the moniker of “Yandere Developer.” While the concept behind his game is certainly one of the most unorthodox ideas we’ve ever seen, you’ve gotta hand it to him. It’s not easy trying to get inside the mind of a mentally-unhinged obsessive schoolgirl with murderous tendencies who still comes across as an innocent angel.

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