Now you, too, can transform into a Sailor Scout with the power of this limited edition Shining Moon Powder!

If you’ve ever wanted a transformation brooch like the one Usagi Tsukino uses to change into Sailor Moon, you’re in luck! Premium Bandai’s Sailor Moon cosmetics brand Miracle Romance has just released the 2024 Limited Edition version of the Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder, which is now available for preorder from Premium Bandai.

While not actual magic, this beautiful brooch does contain a lovely finishing powder, a powder puff, a mirror, and Sailor Moon-inspired design. The exterior is based on the Cosmic Heart Compact that Sailor Moon uses in the Sailor Moon S series, which was originally broadcast in 1994. It’s a very delicate design featuring star and moon motifs, all in the shape of a three dimensional heart.

The center of the compact is a gem made of cubic zirconium, and the whole heart is coated in rose gold plating. Surrounding the center gem is also a hologram that gives the design an extra sparkle. The “2024” embossed under the gem indicates the collectible nature of this compact.

The interior is light pink and also decorated with star and moon motifs. Naturally, it comes with a mirror.

The included face powder is Miracle Romance’s highly popular Shining Moon Powder, which is a clear color finishing powder that they say is great for everyone. The powder grains are spherical and have a “soft focus” effect that spreads light, which helps to hide pores. It also smells like roses, so you’ll be enveloped in the scent of a beautiful garden every time you open it!

This special limited edition brooch is now available for preorder from Premium Bandai for 16,500 yen (US$110). Preorders will be open until October 5 at 11 p.m., and orders will be shipped out in January. Don’t forget to get yours so you can pair it with your Sailor Scout shoes, Silver Crystal pendant, and Jimmy Choo bags!

Source, images: @Press
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