New Calpis Water bottle design can only be fully seen after you drink the contents

Keep refreshed and get a glimpse of Japanese high school life with these charming bottle designs.

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Free Calpis fresh out of the tap available across Japan in celebration of 100th anniversary

For maximum enjoyment we recommend reading the following article out loud.

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McDonald’s Japan offering Calpis shakes this summer with new-and-improved recipe

Yogurt-like beverages combine McDonald’s shake know-how with one of Japan’s favorite summertime flavors.

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Japan’s Calpis beverage can leave a gross residue in some people’s mouths, and here’s why

It’s the name that turns many English-speakers off, but even people in Japan sometimes take issue the way Calpis can linger in your mouth.

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McDonald’s now has a Calpis McShake on the menu in Japan

One of Japan’s most distinctive flavours is blended into a McDonald’s milkshake for a limited time.

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Beautiful snow-white doughnuts from Mister Donuts Japan — can you guess what flavors they are?

What’s white and sweet and makes you feel happy all over? Well, Mister Donut Japan’s new line of doughnuts that has just been released this week certainly fits that description! While Krispy Kreme Japan may have added a little zing to their doughnuts by combining them with ice cream, Mister Donut has come out with a new series of white doughnuts created in collaboration with Calpis — known as Calpico in some countries, perhaps due to its unfortunate pronunciation — the popular yogurty-tasting white drink loved by people of all ages in Japan.

So, let’s see what delectable milky-white treats Mister Donut has in store for us this summer!

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