Miracle Romance

New Sailor Moon eyeliner gives you magical girl eyes with just a wave of your moon stick

Say, “Moon Prism Power, make up!” for a flawless finish with Moon Romance’s ever-growing line of Sailor Moon beauty products, including their all-new eyeliner collection.

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Sailor Moon girls Pluto and Chibiusa save your lips and your hips with lip balm and chopsticks

Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary year has been an absolute boon for fans of the series. We’ve seen everything from sanitary equipment  to lingerie to tiny little miniature versions of the everyday items they use.

What we really can’t get enough of is the bevy of adorable merchandise from Premium Bandai. And now that they’ve added new Sailor Pluto and Chibiusa items to their Miracle Romance line and DX My Chopsticks Collection, we’re heading straight to the online register!

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