“Oh my god, it’s like she’s two people at once!”

We’ve seen before how makeup has the power to completely transform the way a person looks, but Japanese Twitter user @mizuyo_54 has taken it to a whole new level.

Not only does she put out before/after makeup photos on a regular basis that Japanese netizens lap up by the thousands, but one tweet she made has recently been getting a lot of attention. She posted a picture of herself with one half of her face completely made-up, and the other with nothing on it.

The result is startling:

▼ “This is my first half-face makeup picture on this account. Even though I’m still not very good at using it, I love makeup and I want to show that you don’t need plastic surgery to change how your face looks.”

The picture in the upper-left is her without any makeup, and the upper-right is with makeup, but it’s the picture in the middle combining the two that’s truly something. My mind keeps bouncing back and forth between seeing two different women, and it’s a great representation about how makeup and other changes can bring out a “different” person from the same body.

Here are some comments from Japanese netizens:

“I’m in shock.”
“She’s creating artwork on her face.”
“Oh my god, it’s like she’s two people at once!”
“I’m a man but I don’t care, I want to learn how to do this.”
(Response) “It’s easy! Anyone can do what I do with a little practice.”

She may claim that her makeup transformation is simple enough, but here’s a tweet that shows how much work goes into what she does:

Yikes! I have a hard enough time just putting my contacts in. I couldn’t imagine using tweezers to pull up my eyelids. That is truly dedication to the craft right there.

Here’s a sample of some more of her before/after makeup tweets. Keep in mind that it’s not just makeup and eye-tweezering that she does; she’s also an advocate of using good photo angles and lighting to achieve that perfect shareable picture.

▼ “Hangover” vs. “Hang out”

▼ “What are you doing?” vs “Whatcha doin’?”

▼ “Why are you talking to me?” vs “Were you talking to me?”

▼ Is it just me, or does she look really angry in all her before pictures?

▼ Nope. It’s not just me.

▼ “I need a drink” vs “I need a wink”

▼ “I feel miserable” vs. “I feel quizzical!”

▼ And just for fun, some before/after zombie apocalypse photos.

If you like when you’ve seen then give her a follow on her Twitter. Maybe you can try to make some before/after pictures of your own to unlock a “different” person inside yourself.

Source: Twitter/@mizuyo_54
Featured/top image: Twitter/@mizuyo_54