Don’t you even think of trying to take it away from him.

As we’ve seen on multiple occasions in the past, Suzumaro, the cat owned by Japanese Twitter user @kokesukepapa, tends to think everything in this world belongs to him. Previously, it’s claimed @kokesukepapa’s young son’s chair and body heat as its own, and has also attempted to add a pack of the family’s kimchi to its personal assets.

But it looks like all of those were nothing compared to what Suzumaro truly desires: dominion over the world’s tissue boxes.

Whenever @kokesukepapa sets out a new box of tissues, in short order Suzumaro saunters over and lies atop it, while making sure to put enough of its body weight on the box to partially crush it. What’s more, it gives some seriously smouldering stink eye while it does it.

▼ “It’s got an expression like a demon while it crushes the box. I’m starting to see those ears as horns instead.”

▼ “I want to say, ‘Hey, don’t crush the box!’, but it looks so angry that I’m too scared to correct it.”

As a matter of fact, @kokesukepapa finds his pet so intimidating as it sits there like a role-playing game dragon on a pile of treasure that he’s taken to just going to the bathroom and grabbing a piece of toilet paper when he needs to blow his nose.

▼ It’s not entirely clear why the cat feels the need to crush the tissue boxes, but maybe it’s trying to reshape them and create the perfect pillow.

Of course, given Suzumaro’s personality, none of this is too surprising. His avarice isn’t limited to material possessions, either. He clearly also hungers for all of the attention, as he mugs for the camera…

and seems to take issue with the lens being pointed at anyone else.

▼ Oh, you wanted to shoot a cute video of your wife and kid? Well enjoy the finale: my butthole!

Still, Suzumaro isn’t in a bad mood all the time. Just look how cheerful and cute he gets when his owner scratches him under the chin!

But this being Suzumaro, sometimes even his grins have a distressingly evil aura to them.

▼ We don’t know what this cat has planned, but it’s definitely something diabolical.

Source: Togech, Twitter/@kokesukepapa