Fuchiko Top 2

Japanese cosplay gets even weirder with six official costumes designed to replicate a 2-inch tall office lady that hangs off your glassware.

The world of cosplay often amazes us with wild bursts of colour, spectacle and inventive, grand designs. Sometimes, however, it’s the simplest of costume ideas that can be the most shocking of all. That’s where this new outfit sits, with its subdued skirt and top set pointing to nothing more than a demure office lady; unless you know her background, which is a life as a two-inch tall figurine whose full-time job involves clinging precariously to the edge of cups, swimming in people’s drinks and exposing her underwear on people’s glassware.


Since making her debut as a cup-clinging figurine back in 2012, “Koppu no Fuchiko” has branched out into bags and stationery, and inspired a plethora of clinger figurines like Pikachu, Darth Vader and a whole menagerie of cute animals. Now, the popular character is finally getting an official costume from her creators, Kitan Club, with the option for a twin-tailed wig for some cute and realistic cosplay.


With six colours to choose from, the costumes retail for 3,980 yen (US$39.72) each, while the wigs retails for 2,480 yen, and will be available from Don Quixote stores around the country from 18 August. Giant glassware and cup-clinging poses not included. 


Source, Images: Kitan Club Press Release
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