New limited-edition drinks and goods are inspired by retro American diners. 

With 2023 now well underway, the new releases at Starbucks are coming thick and fast in Japan, and we’re certainly not complaining.

Hot on the heels of the chain’s long-awaited sakura goods and beverages for cherry blossom season, we now have news that an equally exciting release is just around the corner, with retro American diners serving as the inspiration for the new collection.

The range consists of limited-edition goods and beverages, so let’s take a look at what’s in store, starting with the new drinks — the Starbucks Cola Frappuccino, and the Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee.

▼ These two drinks will take your taste buds on a trip back in time to the heyday of American diners.

According to Starbucks, this is the first time for the chain to introduce a cola flavour to their lineup in Japan. The original cola-flavoured Frappuccino (678 yen [US$4.93] for takeout, 690 yen for dine-in), is said to create the sensation of drinking a cola float, with lime flavour added to the cola spices for a harmonious pairing with vanilla-flavoured whipped cream.

The whipped cream itself has a distinct Starbucks-like taste, as it’s blended with the chain’s espresso coffee for extra richness and aroma. While there’s no actual carbonation in the drink, crushed ice throughout the beverage creates the sensation of carbonation, making for a memorable mouthfeel.

▼ Finished with a bright red cherry on top, this new Frappuccino (pictured left, below) has a cheerful retro look.

Accompanying the new Frappuccino is the Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee (pictured on the right in the photo above). This icy beverage is available in all sizes, ranging in price from 540-680 yen, and it delivers exactly what it promises —  a rich and milky coffee, layered with fresh cream and white chocolate-flavoured syrup for sweetness.

The milk coffee used for the drink is an original blend that combines vanilla-flavoured syrup with iced coffee, and it’s topped with vanilla-and-coffee-flavoured whipped cream that’s said to add an irresistibly creamy texture to the body of the drink once it’s all mixed in.

While we’d be happy enough with these two exciting new drinks, Starbucks is really treating our taste buds by releasing a range of food also inspired by what they’re calling “retro American”.

From left to right in the image above we have the Mixed Parfait Cake (579 yen for takeout or 590 yen for dine-in), which contains a variety of textures and flavours to make you feel like you’re eating a parfait. Then we have the Waffle Sandwich Bacon Egg Cheese (550 yen for takeout, 565 yen for dine-in), a tasty snack that’s perfect for breakfast or lunch, and the Malasada Custard Cream (285 yen for takeout, 290 yen for dine-in), which looks and tastes like a filled doughnut.

And that’s not all — the diner experience continues with a range of exclusive goods, namely the Starbucks Coffee Diner Mug (2,350 yen), the Starbucks Coffee Diner Glass (3,250 yen) and the Starbucks Coffee Diner Pin Badge Set (1,500 yen).

The limited-edition goods will be available to purchase at Starbucks stores in Japan from 17 March, or online a couple of days earlier, from 15 March, while stocks last.

The food and drinks will be on the menu from 15 March, which will be a great way to console ourselves once the current sakura range disappears from stores on 14 March.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan
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