First holiday collection includes cute animals, gingerbread and almond milk surprises.

While most big chains hold back on announcing their festive releases until after Halloween, Starbucks just can’t wait to tantalise our taste buds, as they’re already giving us a sneak peek at what they have in store for customers in Japan this holiday season.

First up is the big reveal of their first Christmas Frappuccino of the year, called the Chocolate Strawberry Festive Frappuccino. This chocolatey, berry-hued beverage is said to be inspired by the chocolate-covered strawberries enjoyed at Christmas markets in Germany, with the bright red strawberry pulp topping designed to look like “a red stand at a holiday market”.

Both strawberry pulp and juice are combined with chocolate in the base, and this combination also appears in the hot Chocolate Strawberry Festive Mocha, which comes with the addition of steamed milk and espresso.

Joining the new Chocolate Strawberry Festive drinks is the first instalment of the chain’s holiday drinkware collection, which features cute animals cosplaying as Santa Claus and snowmen. The first festive range is listed below, as seen left to right, top to bottom in the image.

  • Bearista Red Mini (1,980 yen [US$17.39])
  • Gingerbread Man Ornament (990 yen)
  • True Seal Ornament (1,045 yen)
  • Cold Cup Set Ornament (1,540 yen)
  • Rabbit In Cup Ornament (1,045 yen)
  • Snowman Ornament (1,320 yen)
  • Bearista White Mini (1,980 yen)
  • Stainless Tumbler Twisted Gradient 473 millilitres (16 ounces) (4,400 yen)
  • Stainless Bottle Green 350 millilitres (4,180 yen)
  • Kettle Green 550 millilitres (4,290 yen)
  • Magrabbit 296 millilitres (2,090 yen)
  • Mug Candy Cane 355 millilitres (2,090 yen)

  • Stainless To Go Cup Tumbler Joyful Friends 355 millilitres (3,960 yen)
  • Bottle Cable Joyful Friends 355 millilitres (2,090 yen)
  • Stainless Bottle Holy Bell 355 millilitres (4,290 yen)
  • Heat Resistant Glass Mug Penguin 355 millilitres (2,860 yen)
  • Stainless Mug Dancing Rabbit 340 millilitres (2,970 yen)
  • Kettle Mitten Paper Cup (1,650 yen)
  • Handy Stainless Bottle In the Cup Motif 500 millilitres (4,840 yen)
  • Tumbler Purple 473 millilitres (1,980 yen)
  • Scan Pass Ring Note Red / Off White (528 yen)
  • Scan Pass Desktop Calendar Note (1,800 yen)
  • Food & Beverage Card Holy Bell (1,100 yen)
  • Beverage Card In the Cup Motif (682 yen)
  • Boa Bag (1,650 yen)
  • Blanket Red (2,860 yen)

Rounding off the release news is the announcement that the popular Gingerbread Latte will also be making its return to menus for a limited time this year, priced from 462-590 yen. It will be accompanied by the Creme Brulee Latte (481-610 yen) and the Caramel Almond Milk (442-570 yen), all of which will be on the menu from 1 November to 25 December, or until stocks last.

The Chocolate Strawberry Festive drinks will be on the menu from 1-23 November, with the Frappuccino priced at 648 yen for takeout and 660 yen for dine-in customers, and the mocha priced from 501-630 yen.

The first festive drinkware collection will be available online and in stores from 5 November until 25 December, or until stocks last. And judging by the way Starbucks’ recent Halloween range sold out within hours, stocks won’t be around for long!

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