Cat meets toast! Read more to learn all about this simple, yet creative internet craze that’s sweeping Japan.

Japanese Twitter users are engaged in an escalating arms race of cute, competing to create the most adorable bread-based creations imaginable. Wait, bread? It seems that in addition to its reputation as a technological leader in the world, Japan also has a leg up in the department of cute bread products.

▼ A bit crusty, but lovable nonetheless


So how exactly does someone manage to take something as boring and ordinary as sliced bread and make it cute, you might wonder. Well, as our loyal readers surely know by now, if there’s anywhere in the world where someone can anthropomorphize even the dullest of inanimate objects, chances are it’s Japan.

Evidence of this gift for cute appears in ample abundance under the Twitter hashtag neko pan (literally “cat bread”). Contrary to the name, this isn’t bread you’d be feeding to your favorite feline friend, or even made by cats in tiny baker’s costumes, but bread that’s been artfully decorated to resemble an adorable cat’s face.

▼ The key seems to be mastering the ear technique!

As you can see from these wonderful pictures, these talented toast-enthusiasts have painstakingly arranged different ingredients on perfectly ordinary pieces of bread and other pastries to create characters so cute, it’s kind of messed up to imagine someone taking a big bite out of their cheerful, smiling faces.

Many variants seem to include conventional ingredients spread across toast or bread, and the facial features are little holes poked through the bread.

Many creators seem to go with this relatively simple approach, or just spread a little margarine and honey before toasting to give their cats a golden toasty glow.

With a bit of jam, fruit, or other colorful ingredients, you too could be making your own brilliant bread art in no time at all, and charming the cat lover in your life with small edible replicas of their favorite animal. But why limit yourself to cat designs? Some users have been pulling out all the stops to take this bread art to new levels, with many proud posts showing off things like “flower toast.”

Indeed, it seems that designing cute or beautifully arranged food items has become something of a common pastime for many people in Japan. The good news is you don’t have to live in Japan to try this one out for yourself. Just get yourself down to the local grocery store, buy a loaf of bread, and go wild. And once you’ve created your masterpiece, read about how you can even turn the bread bag clip into a miniature cat!

Source: Matome Naver
Images: RocketNews24