Advance sale of super-cute Kirby clothing called for celebration in a Kirby-themed room with cute Kirby cupcakes!

Readers may recall that we recently reported on the line of Kirby merchandise that was being released from Japanese lingerie maker Yummy Mart to celebrate the game’s 25th anniversary.

We mentioned in that article that the collection would be available for advance sale at the Yummy Mart store in Tokyo’s Harajuku area from April 22, and since the items — which included underwear, pajamas and even a mini dress — all looked so  darn cute, we decided to stop by at the shop in Harajuku the day they went on sale.

It turns out they had quite a display prepared for the Kirby merchandise, along with a thoroughly enjoyable promotion involving an entire room lavishly decorated in a Kirby theme and even Kirby sweets!

▼ Yes, the collection looked simply delightful on display at the storefront.

▼ We could see from outside the items displayed on the second floor as well.

▼ The mini dress may be more suited for relaxing at home than for wearing outside, but it still looked super cute!

▼ The pajamas with the title Kirby of the Stars
printed in Japanese looked light and comfortable.

▼ The bustier and panties set in a black and pink design had a stylish look.

Inside the store, the items were attractively displayed with cute plush Kirby toys and star-shaped balloons.

▼ Yes, Kirby… we know you’re cute!

▼ And we thought Kirby’s expression on the eye mask was perfect.

After making our purchase, we went on to the second floor, where we found the whole room filled with all things pink, cute, and Kirby.

There were pink balls all over the floor, and the room was full of countless Kirby plushy dolls. And to get us further into the mood, they also had music from the Kirby video game playing in the store.

▼ There were Kirby dolls of all sizes!

▼ And of course, all the Kirby items from the collection were on display.

▼ Anyone buying a Kirby item was invited to this upstairs area and was offered treats including a glass of colorful pink juice…

▼ …and custom-made Kirby cupcakes, which of course we had to try!
Seriously, how cute are these cakes?

▼ The lovely cupcakes were created specially for the promotional event by British sweets brand Monarch of London.

▼ Up-close, the cupcake looked almost too cute to eat, but not quite enough to prevent us from actually eating it.

▼ Kirby’s face was made of a strawberry chocolate shell with a fluffy chocolate mousse inside, and we have to say, it was as tasty as it was adorable!

▼ Awww… they really turned the room into a magical place!

As you can probably tell from the pictures, we quite enjoyed our Kirby-filled experience at the Harajuku Yummy Mart store. The special promotion in the upstairs room with the cupcakes was a one-day deal, but if you’re in Japan you can still purchase the Kirby merchandise at the Yummy Mart Harajuku location or through their website from April 26.

The relaxing loungewear should bring you sweet, starry dreams, perfect for resting up until the next Kirby Cafe is opened.

Shop information
Yummy Mart (Harajuku branch) / ヤミーマート(原宿店)
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 6-6-9, 1st floor
東京都渋谷区神宮前6-6-9 1F
Open 12:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Photos: ©SoraNews24