Has googly-eye science finally gone too far?

Japan’s famous Rabbit Island may be a fun place for tourists to visit, but be careful, travelers! Did you know that inside every bunny there lives… a monster?

Yes, it’s true. In fact, if you happen to have a bunny-friend who lives nearby (perhaps in your house even?), then you can confirm it for yourself. All you have to do is procure some googly eyes, attach them to the bunny’s behind, and the monster will appear.

You can see it for yourself here. Japanese Twitter user and bunny-pet-owner @puchan776 summoned the hidden monster themself, when they attached googly eyes to this rabbit’s rear-end:

“If you put googly eyes on the rabbit’s butt,
it turns into a weird creature. It is ridiculously cute.”

You can see the monster for yourself! Look at how it remains stoic at first, but then once it’s been sighted, opens up its mouth in fear. It then seems to shuffle around, unsure of what to do, until it finally escapes away, hiding back in its position camouflaged as the rabbit’s backside. Very clever.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted to seeing this creature for the first time:

“The definition of ‘cute but scary.'”
“Whoa! It looks like it’s trying to say something lol.”
“It has an air of sinister cuteness about it.”

Others were quick to post photos of their own recently-discovered beasts, or images that reminded them of it.

▼ “Good evening nice to meet you! I put them on my bunny too.
Thank you for the funny video.”

▼ Apparently the same monster-summoning
technique works on dogs too!


▼ It does kind of look like Mitty from the manga/anime Made in Abyss.
Just when we’d started to emotionally recover from that trauma….

▼ Ah ha! The original front-side/back-side
monster has been revealed!

Only time will tell if the monsters will retain their symbiotic relationship with the rabbits, or if they will take over and consume their hosts.

In the meantime, we must prepare! …by watching lots of adorable videos of bunnies playing with balloons.

Source: Twitter/@puchan776 via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@puchan776