Even more of the super cute ice cream theme products, but a sprinkle of Peanuts just makes it all the sweeter!

Perhaps because of the gigantic “31” tucked into its logo (it makes up the “B” and “R”, geddit?), Baskin Robbins is actually known better as just “Thirty-One” in Japan, in reference to its 31 standard flavors. So with all that variety it stands to reason that the chain would have a range of fun and colorful goods as part of its yearly New Year’s lucky bag.

For a mere 2,000 yen (US$19) we were able to take home a smorgasbord of ice cream accessories, and because this year’s theme came with a healthy dose of cute dog mascot Snoopy there was no chance of disappointment! The products are known to vary from bag to bag: check out our review of another bag we bought this year to compare.

▼ The spoils make quite the impressive (and adorable) pile.

Naturally, the one constant between all the bags are the gift coupons: four 500 yen (US$4.65) coupons, which renders all the extra merchandise virtually free! The coupons have no expiration date, so you can even wait until summer to cash your coupons in for sweet frozen treats.

▼ Four future ice creams in paper form

With the cost of the lucky bag already reimbursed, let’s take a look at some of the other fun things crammed into the stylish bag. First up is this fluffy little thing, patterned after Baskin Robbins Japan’s classic minty white-chocolate-and-poprocks flavor Popping Shower.

▼ A beret, perhaps…?

▼ No, a fluffy mini pouch!

Almost too cute to use, the pouch is soft to the touch and calls up Baskin Robbins Japan’s signature flavor with a glance.

But enough about the ice cream. Time to add some Snoopy to the mix! The lucky bag came with two great pieces of Snoopy stationery, swirled through with that classic ice cream aesthetic.

▼ Snoopy frolics through an ice cream landscape, toting a heaped cup of Popping Shower

▼ The print on the inside shows Woodstock wielding a taster spoon

▼ This clear case is the perfect place to store your coupons and other small, loose papers

▼ The cute art covers every face

Speaking of clear cases, how’s about a clear pouch to accompany your fluffy fabric pouch? The one provided here features a generous helping of yet more Popping Shower, plus a dollop of Love Potion #31 (another popular flavor featuring raspberry and chocolate).

▼ The only acceptable way to store things in your ice cream

But wait! What if you were leaving the Baskin Robbins store, so preoccupied with the delicious iced sweet you’d just eaten that you didn’t look where you were going, and fell? And scraped your knee? This lucky bag has prepared even for that occasion with some lovely band-aid bandages. What’s more, it’s stocked enough for you to make that same clumsy mistake seven more times, and cover your cut with a different design each time.

▼ The Baskin Robbins band-aids come in a cute box of eight designs

▼ All the most famous flavors make an appearance, including Caramel Ribbon and Choco Mint

Looks like another winning line-up from the ice cream giant! If you can’t get enough of ice cream themed lucky bags, definitely check out the company’s bags from previous years: here’s the one from 2017, and the ones from even further back deserve a look as well.

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