Lego’s Twitter announcement shows Mario being built out of little blocks instead of bashing them to get coins.

2020 is prepped to be the year of Mario, and not only because this is the year that Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open at Universal Studios Japan. The plucky plumber starred in a line of T-shirts at Uniqlo this winter and also scored a huge legal victory against his copyright-infringing enemy, go-kart rental service MariCar.

But what else is in store for everyone’s favorite Italian hero? It seems that his parent company Nintendo and Danish children’s toy manufacturer Lego are putting together something exciting, and they’re laying it brick by colorful plastic brick.

March 10 saw a tweet posted on Lego’s official English and Japanese accounts that featured a blocky plastic Mario, installed with a slot-machine style rolling screen on the front of his crisp blue overalls. Though nothing appeared except for a question mark — white, overlaid over a yellow background in the style of Mario’s own mystery blocks — the chunky children’s toy aesthetic and seconds of beeping fairground music were more than enough to send Mario fans into a frenzy.

“Introducing Lego Mario! Stay tuned for more!”

Eager fans scoured the Internet for more information about Mario’s foray into the world of Lego, and came up with this page on U.K. game retailer Game’s website, where they allude to a Nintendo Direct that definitively did not occur.

▼ All references to the Nintendo Direct have been scrubbed from the site at the time of writing.

With no immediate Nintendo Direct in sight, and gaming conferences across the globe cancelling due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, fans have no other option but to rest on their tenterhooks. Rampant theorizing has broken out across the Internet: is this collaboration a game? A movie? Something to do with their respective theme parks? A Labo-style accessory for the Nintendo Switch itself? What is it?

“This Lego Mario thing, is it like a Lego Minecraft where you put blocks wherever you want? Something like that?”

Other netizens were less impressed by the announcement.

“You’re telling me Mario’s never been turned into Lego before?”

Until Nintendo gives an official announcement, theorizing is all we have. Unless you want to recreate the cast of Super Mario in real, actual Lego by yourself, which is a great and topical way to pass the time, and one we thoroughly encourage.

“This reminds me of the time I made this with my kids, ages ago! Looking forward to Lego Mario!”

We can’t wait to see what Nintendo and Lego’s combined whimsy has in store!

Source: Twitter/@LEGO_Group_JP via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Twitter/@LEGO_Group_JP
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