151 unique pocket monster designs to choose from!

Ever since Japanese brand Original Stitch broke out onto the fashion scene last year with their made-to-order Pokémon Shirts collection — featuring 150 unique pocket monster designs — they’ve been evolving with even more designs, new kid’s options, and a documentary showing us how they’re made.

Now, the popular label is evolving even further, with the mega news that they’re expanding their shirt range with a new collection of face masks — and there are 151 designs to choose from!

Like their dress shirts, each mask has been made with careful attention to detail, and while the company insists that these face coverings are intended to be used as “fashion items”, seeing as they don’t have the necessary three-layer cloth system to offer proper pandemic protection, they do have a mesh layer inside for breathable comfort.

▼ Customers can personalise their mask by choosing one of the following four colours for the inside mesh.

Original Stitch says they originally distributed masks as a free present to customers who purchased a tailor-made shirt in April. Made with off-cuts from the ordered shirt, the masks were so well-received that customers said they wanted to purchase them on their own, prompting the company to add the face masks to their range.

Their first mask collection features all 151 Pokémon from Pokémon Red and Blue, and not only are the designs all gorgeous, they’re also a great way to make use of the off-cuts from their shirt range, which would otherwise go to waste.

▼ Some of the designs include Slowbro (left) and Slowpoke (right)…

▼ …Mewtwo

▼ And how cute is this Snorlax mask?

The custom-made masks, which come in small and medium sizes to fit both children and adults, went on sale online today for 1,800 yen (US$17.24) each, plus tax. While sales are currently limited to customers in Japan at the moment, Original Stitch says they plan to make them available outside of Japan from mid-to-late November.

Source, images: PR Times
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